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2+2 Honor Scholarship - The 2+2 Honor Scholarship was designed to encourage students to expand their 2-year degree into a 4-year degree in an affordable way. The $4000 annual 2+2 Honor Scholarship is open to graduates with an associate degree from a campus of the Montana University System or a Montana Community College and consists of a waiver of tuition at any 4-year Montana University System school

Advantage Scholarship of Montana Tech - $8800 and more is awarded to Montana Tech students who demonstrate high academic achievement for students in selected technical, scientific and engineering degree programs. This scholarship is available to resident and non-resident students alike, providing a significant incentive for the targeted degree programs.

The AIEF Undergraduate Scholarship Program - Montana has always been interested in advancing the future of its large population of Native Americans. This scholarship is a $2000 annual scholarship given by The American Indian Education Foundation was established to support educational opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native students with a vision toward strong, self-sufficient American Indian communities.

AIST Northwestern Member Chapter Scholarships - Since Montana plays a significant role in the mining of raw materials and coal, which contribute heavily to the steel industry, the American Institute of Steel Technology sponsors a $3000 scholarship for Montana high school seniors and undergraduate students with a major in engineering, who are pursuing a career in iron and steel technology.

Bechtel Foundation Scholarship Program for Safety and Health - This prestigious award, presented at the annual American Society of Safety Engineers convention, is a major stepping stone to later employment in the engineering field.The Bechtel Foundation awards $5000 annually to college juniors who are pursuing a degree in occupational safety and health with an emphasis on construction safety.

Bud Daniels Memorial Scholarship - Named after one of the most influential leaders of Montana Farmers Union history, Bud Daniels, the Montana Farmers Union will present a $500 scholarship in memory of Bud Daniels (1928 - 2000), which was made available through the efforts of Montana Farmers Union and the MFU Education Committee, every year.

Governor's "Best and Brightest - Montana's governor even gets in on the scholarship action when it comes to supporting the cause of higher education. This annually renewable $2000 reward is to provide Montana residents with better access to Montana’s post-secondary institutions and Montana’s tribal colleges, through scholarship grants based on both academic achievement and financial need.

The Jane Buttrey Memorial Scholarship - The most prestigious honor of a University of Montana - Missoula student is to be added to the list of members of the Davidson Honors College. Among other activities, The Davidson Honors College, University of Montana – Missoula, awards up to ten $1500 Jane Buttrey Memorial Scholarships each year to outstanding Juniors who demonstrate both academic excellence and financial need.

Kathy Spadoni Memorial Scholarship - Among other national and regional scholarship opportunities available through the Pride Foundation, the LGBT organization sponsors the Kathy Spadoni Memorial Scholarship. Montana high school seniors who are residents of Montana and show a history of leadership and working toward positive social change are eligible for this annual $3300 scholarship.

Lewis-Clark State College Presidential Out-of-State Scholarship - For some students living in Western Montana, crossing over Idaho's narrow panhandle to attend college makes sense, especially when given a significant financial incentive. Montana residents who wish to cross the border and attend Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho can receive up to$7745 to cover the cost of out-of-state tuition.

Marie Moebus Presidential Scholarship - The stress of obtaining a degree in technology and engineering is high enough without adding a financial burden to the picture. To help kick off their journey toward a tech or engineering degree, first-time freshmen students to Montana Tech, who demonstrate the highest academic and extracurricular achievement, could receive a combination of a fee waiver, and a cash supplement of up to $3,000 annually.

Maureen and Mike Mansfield Native American Scholarship - Programs that focused on cultural aspects of both Native Americans and Asian Americans were a major part of the career of Senator Mike Mansfield and his wife. The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation provides varying amounts of aid to at least two deserving female Native American Reservation students, at the undergraduate level each year.

MGMA Western Section Scholarships - Current Medical Group Management Association has established this scholarship to help support and promote the personal and professional advancement of its members. MGMA members who are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program relevant to medical practice management at a Montana University could receive an annual reward of $2500.

Montana Life Members Scholarship - Students who have a green thumb or love keeping our world growing will be especially encouraged by this scholarship from Montana's Federation of Garden Clubs. The MFGC awards a $1000 annual scholarship to a student who is a Montana resident and citizen of the United States of America. Eligible applicants must major in Horticulture, Conservation, Floriculture, Parks or Forestry, Land Management, Greenhouse Management, or subjects that relate.

Montana's STEM Scholarship - Supported by major contributors in science, technology, and engineering, STEM scholarships were designed as a means to encourage higher level thinking in the tech industry. Montana’s STEM Scholarship Program is designed to provide a renewable $1000 (2nd year $2000) and is an excellent incentive for Montana high school students who enter into, and complete degrees in postsecondary fields related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and health care.

MSU- Northern Chancellor’s Scholarship - Being on the president's list at any institution is always a great honor, regardless of the size of the university. Montana State University – Northern, Chancellor’s Scholarship is the most prestigious honor bestowed on an incoming resident freshman at MSU. It is a $2000 annual award in recognition of outstanding academic achievement.

Murphy Memorial Scholarship - Proud of its tradition of providing financial aid toward higher education degrees in agriculture, horticulture, environmental concerns and other areas related to the botanical sciences, the Montana Federation of Garden Clubs has yet another award to Montana students. The Murphy Memorial Scholarship provides an annual scholarship of $500 to qualifying college students in a horticulture-related major.

MUS Honor Scholarship - As a means of rewarding high academic achievers for the outstanding effort that they invested in their secondary education, MUS designed the Honor Scholarship. The Honor Scholarship of Montana University System is a $4000, annually renewable scholarship, which waives the student’s tuition when applied to fees at an eligible Montana campus.

National Merit Semi-Finalist Scholarship - Since the National Merit Scholarship is one of the most prestigious academic achievement awards that can be given, being a semi-finalist is a pretty high honor. Montana awards that achievement by waiving the tuition for Montana students who receive a National Merit Semi-Finalist Scholarship. This scholarship will be valid through the first consecutive two semesters of enrollment.

NIADA Foundation Region IV Scholarship - The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association Foundation recognize the importance of obtaining a higher education in order to be successful in today's world. To encourage academic achievement NIADA sponsors this $3,500 annual scholarship award to young men or women who have displayed outstanding abilities in education.

Non-Resident Freshmen Scholarships - Attracting non-resident students to the beautiful "Big Sky" state is always on the minds of those who have made Montana their home. To help draw in those students, Montana State University offers millions of dollars in scholarships and awards to non-resident freshmen who apply for admission each year. Each award could be up to $15,000.

Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation Scholarship Program - To encourage overall wellness through osteopathic medicine, it is necessary to continue to develop those who will lead the practice toward a brighter future. The Foundation's Scholarship Program encourages that development through a scholarship that helps defray some of the cost of osteopathic medical school, which in some cases can be sizable.

NSHSS Tesoro Youth Leadership Awards - Community involvement is a major priority and an essential part of being a well-rounded student and member of society. Tesoro Industries, in association with the National Society of High School Scholars, is providing $2500 college scholarships for outstanding young leaders. The scholarship was designed to encourage young scholars who are leading by example in their schools and communities.

Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Technical School Scholarship - As a leading provider of the nation's supply of coal, Rocky Mountain Coal Mining takes a leadership role in advancing the engineering technology that will have the greatest positive impact on both the industry and the environment. This Technical Scholarship is a one-time gift to students in technical programs who desire to use their education in the coal industry, where there is high demand for technical applications.

Schoepp Memorial Scholarship - An influential leader in the American Board of Funeral Service Education, Dennis Schoepp's dedication to providing the very best in the greatest time of need is honored by this scholarship. This annual $1000 award, sponsored by the Schoepp Memorial Foundation, is awarded to a full- or part-time student of funeral service who is enrolled in ABFSE-accredited programs.

Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation - This honorarium to a young man, born in Montana, whose life was cut short by cancer is one way to keep his precious memory alive while providing future memories for others stricken by the deadly disease. This $10,000 annual scholarship is available to high school graduates, graduating in the same year of enrollment, who have had childhood cancer and are residents of either Colorado or Montana.

MSU Presidential Scholarship - To be honored by the president of the university where you've chosen to obtain your degree is a special honor. The Presidential Scholarships are Montana State University's most distinguished academic awards, recognizing scholastic achievement, demonstrated leadership and unique personal qualities.

Tribal Homelands Scholarship - Montana has a rich Native American history that continues to thrive today, home to more than two dozen tribes; Montana takes pride in honoring those who wish to return to their native land. The Tribal Homelands Scholarship significantly reduces the amount of out‐of‐state tuition (up to $10,000) and is available to eligible Native American students who are not Montana residents.

UGF Competitive Academic Awards - Academic achievement does not tell the entire story when it comes to measuring the ongoing success of students and graduates as they make their impact on the world. University of Great Falls students who excel both inside and outside the classroom are eligible for a $4000 (renewable) annual award. Students must demonstrate scholarship, leadership, and community involvement.

UM Segal AmeriCorps Education Award - AmeriCorps sends thousands of young adults to various locations throughout the U.S.A. to serve, learn valuable work skills, earn money for education, and develop an appreciation for citizenship. The University of Montana honors that commitment by matching up to $1,000 of the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award (Ed Award) voucher that is awarded to AmeriCorps members upon completion of their national term of service.

UMW Arnold and Cora Benson Scholarship - Cora Benson and her husband Arnold were an essential part of the growth and development of this beautiful university in western Montana. The University of Montana Western awards $500 to a UMW students who demonstrate the educational values, leadership and community involvement in honor of Arnold and Cora Benson.

UMW Morningstar Traditional & Non-Traditional Scholarship - The Morningstar Mine was a major part of the development of western Montana as a whole and specifically Madison County, Montana and a major cultural feature. To continue contributing to the growth of the area's students, this $1000 annual award is for Montana residents, who are both traditional, and non-traditional students with given preference to Madison County area high school graduates.

Undergraduate Student/Faculty Research Awards - Nothing can replace practical experience gained while working alongside an expert in your field of study. This program at UM-Missoula is intended to provide up to $1500 to select students (sophomores through seniors) the opportunity to spend the academic year as an apprentice with a faculty mentor; learning from and assisting with faculty research activity.

University of Montana Presidential Leadership Scholarships - To be recognized for your academic achievement by one of the leaders of the academic community is a prestigious honor at any university. The Presidential Leadership Scholarship is the University of Montana’s premier freshman achievement award. Presidential Scholars are chosen solely on academic merit with up to $12,000 being available for renewal over four years.

The Watkins Scholarship - Named in honor of John G. Watkins, a renowned researcher in the field of psychology and professor emeritus at the University of Montana, this scholarship is intended to foster leadership in the field of research. The Watkins Scholarship Program awards ten $2,000 scholarships to ten University of Montana – Missoula seniors each year.

Celebrate the West High School Art Competition - Amount: Up to $1,200 - Competition is open to high school students (grades 9-12) in public, private, charter, and alternative schools. Home-schooled students in that age group also may enter. Student must be in a school in a WGA member state.

Montana Life Members Scholarship - Amount: $1,000 - Scholarship is open to current college students who are Montana residents and citizens of the United States and are majoring in Conservation, Horticulture, Parks or Forestry, Greenhouse Management, Land Management or related subjects.

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