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More than just a listing of scholarships. Many other sites do that. At EGuidanceCounseling.Org we strive to TRULY offer one million scholarships or more. We strive to offer them in the most simple manner. Not with multiple links or registering. Just come in and start searching for the best match either by going to thelistingsor doing a Search via of our internal search engine. This is accomplished by looking at the list or going to the search feature and putting in your criteria. We suggest using all of the tools available as well as our tutorial.

Scholarship Tutorial

The two primary reasons that scholarships go unobtained are the locating and then the procurement of said awards. Skills such as essay writing, presentation, networking with the awarding organizations are important and vital prerequsites. Make sure you go to ourtutorial. What good would it be to have a listing of scholarships and not assist you in acquiring them?

Virtual Guidance Counselor

There are many good and competent guidance counselors at our schools across the nation. There are also many that are not so skilled at their paid

positions. Statistics bear out the lack of satisfaction from parents and students across all levels of education.


Career Advice

Career advice is more than just finding the best paying jobs or employment that fits your interests. Our interest are from the educational perspective. Many go to college for positions that don't need college. Education can be expensive and the career you choose should appropriately reflect your educational choices. The college graduate that drives a taxi will have the same debt as someone that becomes an engineer.

Exam Prep

Financing Support

There are methods for paying for education outside of scholarships and loans. Please come in and use our reference material and advice to ensure that you're utilizing every available opportunity to finance your education needs.

Student Loans

Persistently a hot topic in the education world today. While student loans are a dirty phrase to many, in reality it is a necessary and good component. However, it must be utilized in the best manner and responsibly.

Lifetime Experience

Non College Careers & Professional Certifications