Billionaires Giving Away Money

Lee and Jane Seidman
Amount donated in 2010: $42  million
Beneficiary: University Hospitals in  Cleveland
Background: Seidman is the retired founder and president of  the Motorcars Group, a Cleveland-based conglomerate of car dealerships. He  pledged in 2010 to  give away 90% of his wealth before the end of the  year.

Larry Ellison
Amount donated in 2010: $45.1  million
Net worth: $39.5 billion (via Forbes)
Beneficiary: Ellison Medical  Foundation
Background: Ellison, the founder of Oracle, started his  foundation in 1997 for biomedical research.

Bennett S. LeBow
Amount donated in 2010: $49  million
Beneficiary: Drexel  University
Background: LeBow is the chairman and CEO of Borders and  chairman of the Vector Group, a holding company for manufacturers of cigarettes.  He’s a graduate of Drexel and the university’s business school bears his  name.

P. Roy and Diana Vagelos
Amount donated in 2010: $50  million
Net worth: $535 million (via the National  Herald)
Beneficiary: Columbia University Medical  Center
Background: Dr. Vagelos is the former CEO and chairman of  pharmaceutical giant Merck. He’s an alumnus of the medical school associated  with the hospital.

Paul Ichiro Terasaki
Amount  donated in 2010: $50 million
Beneficiary: University of California at  Los Angeles

Ming Hsieh
Amount donated in  2010: $50 million
Net worth: $1.6 billion (via Forbes)
Beneficiary: University of Southern  California
Background: Hsieh founded AMAX Information Technologies, a  computer server and storage systems maker, and Cogent, which develops automated  fingerprint-identification systems. He’s a graduate  of the school, as well as a trustee.

Ned Evans
Amount  donated in 2010: $50 million
Net worth: $6.5 billion (via Boston  Magazine)
Beneficiary: Yale  University
Background: Evans, who passed away last year, was a private  investor and the chairman of publishing company Macmillan from 1979 to 1989. He  was also a well-known horse breeder, as well as an alumnus of  Yale.

Charles E. Kaufman
Amount donated in 2010: $53.3 million (estimated bequest)
Beneficiaries: The Pittsburgh Foundation and other  charities
Background: Kaufman, who passed away last year, was an  investor and the former director of purchasing at pharmaceutical company Merck.  His gift will support research in biology, chemistry, and  physics

#17 Bill and Karen Ackman
Amount  donated in 2010: $59.3 million
Net worth: $700 million (via Forbes)
Beneficiary: Pershing Square  Foundation
Background: Ackman is the founder of New York-based hedge  fund Pershing Square Capital Management. Along with his wife, he created  the Pershing Square Foundation in 2006 to support education, human rights,  social entrepreneurship, and other causes.

Pierre and Pam Omidyar
Amount  donated in 2010: $61.5 million
Net worth: $6.2 billion (via Forbes)
Beneficiaries: HopeLab, Humanity United, Omidyar Network,  and the Ulupono Initiative
Background: Omidyar is the founder of eBay. His wife is the  chairwoman of HopeLab, a  nonprofit that develops technology to benefit chronically ill  children.

Henry C. Jr. and Jane Woods
Amount donated in 2010:$67  million (bequest)
Beneficiaries: Lawrenceville School and North Shore Country  Day School
Background: Woods is the heir to the Sahara Coal Company  fortune. The bulk of last year’s donation went to the Lawrenceville School, a  private school in New Jersey from  which he graduated and where he was a longtime teacher and chair of the  English department.

David and Patricia Atkinson
Amount donated in 2010: $80  million
Beneficiary: Cornell University
Background: Atkinson is a former partner of Miller, Anderson & Sherrerd, a money management firm. He now runs Atkinson & Company, a  private investment business he owns with his wife. Their gift went  towards a research center focusing on energy, sustainability and the  environment.

Juanita Kious Waugh
Amount donated in 2010: $83.7 million  (estimated bequest)
Beneficiaries: The Mayo Clinic, Saint  Joseph’s College in Indiana
Background: Waugh, who passed away last year, managed her  family’s farms and was the heir to part of their cattle, farming and banking  fortune. She and her parents had  been patients of the Mayo Clinic.

Terrence and Kim Pegula
Amount donated in 2010: $88  million
Net worth: $3.1 billion (via Forbes)
Beneficiary: Pennsylvania State  University
Background: Pegula founded East Resources, an oil and gas  exploration and development company, which he sold to Royal Dutch Shell in 2010  for $4.7 billion. The donation from Pegula, an alumnus, will go towards the  university’s hockey program.

Mark Zuckerberg
Amount donated in 2010: $100  million
Net worth: $17.5 billion (via Forbes)
Beneficiary: Startup:  Education
Background: Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, made a huge  donation to his own foundation, which will support programs that benefit the  school system in Newark, N.J. The sum will be paid out over five  years.

Marc and Lynne Benioff
Amount donated in  2010: $100 million
Net worth: $1.9 billion (via Forbes)
Beneficiary: University of California at  San Francisco Children’s Hospital
Background: Benioff is the founder of His  daughter was born at the hospital, and he is a member of its  board.

Meyer and Renee Luskin
Amount  donated in 2010: $100.5 million
Beneficiary: University of California at  Los Angeles
Background: Luskin is the chairman of Scope Industries, a  major maker of animal feed. He is a graduate of UCLA and the  couple’s gift will go towards a variety of academic  programs.

T. Boone Pickens
Amount  donated in 2010: $101 million
Net worth: $1.45 billion (via Forbes)
Beneficiaries: Oklahoma State University and other  charities
Background: The founder of oil company Mesa Petroleum and  energy investment firm BP Capital, Pickens is a graduate of OSU. His donation  will endow need-based scholarships for  students.

Frances Lasker Brody
Amount  donated in 2010: $110 million (estimated bequest)
Net worth: Not available
Beneficiary:The Huntington Library, Art  Collections, and Botanical Gardens
Background: Brody, who passed away in 2009, was the heir to  both the fortune of her father, an advertising pioneer, and her husband Sidney  Brody, a real estate magnate. She was a member of the library’s board of  overseers, and her donation was largely funded by the sale of her vast art  collection.

Leonard Blavatnik
Amount  donated in 2010: $117.2 million
Net worth: $9.5 billion (via Forbes)
Beneficiary: University of  Oxford
Background: Blavatnik is the founder of Access Industries, a  major holding company. He did not attend Oxford, but decided  the university was the right choice after learning that it wanted to create  a school dedicated to “improving government and public-policy practices  globally.”

Edythe and Eli Broad
Amount  donated in 2010: $118.3 million
Net worth: $6.3 billion (via Forbes)
Beneficiary: Broad  Foundations
Background: Broad is the founder and chairman of homebuilder  KB Home Corporation and financial services company SunAmerica. The couple’s  foundation supports civic programs, contemporary art museums, education, and  medical and scientific research. Broad  is also funding a new art museum in Los  Angeles.

Irwin and Joan Jacobs
Amount donated in 2010:  $119.5 million
Net worth: $1.15 billion (via Forbes)
Beneficiaries: University of California at San Diego Health  System, Joan and Irwin Jacobs Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation of San  Diego
Background: Jacobs is a co-founder of Qualcomm, the wireless  communications company. The bulk of their donation went to the UCSD health  system, which is building  a new medical center to be named after the  couple.

T. Denny Sanford
Amount donated in 2010: $162.5  million
Beneficiaries: Sanford Health Foundation, Sanford-Burnham  Medical Research Institute and the Florida Hospital for  Children
Background: The noted philanthropist is chairman of United  National Corporation, a banking business in South Dakota. His most  recent gift to his foundation will establish a national institute for  research and treatment of breast cancer.

Michael R. Bloomberg
Amount  donated in 2010: $279.2 million
Net worth: $19.5 billion (via Forbes)
Beneficiaries: Arts, human services, public affairs, and  other groups
Background: The founder of Bloomberg LP and Mayor of New  York city gave to 970 different nonprofit groups in 2010. Since 2004, the first  year the Philanthropy list was published,  he has given away well over $100 million  annually.

George Soros
Amount donated in 2010: $332  million
Net worth: $22 billion (via Forbes)
Beneficiary: Open Society  Foundations
Background: Soros is a financier and the chair of Soros Fund  Management, which manages hedge funds. He’s also the founder of Open Society  Foundations, which supports human rights organizations and democratic  institutions.

Source: Chronicle of Philanthropy

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