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Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarships - Available for entry-level radiology students. Five annual awards worth $2500 each are issued to students specializing in radiology, sonography, magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear medicine.

The Royce Osborn Minority Student Scholarship - is provided to minority students with outstanding academic records. Applicants compete for one of five annual scholarships worth $4000 each.  Radiology, sonography, MRI, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy students are invited to apply for the entry-level financial assistance.

Varian Radiation Therapy Student Scholarship - program addresses the needs of radiology professionals who are returning to school to earn certificates, diplomas, associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees that will advance their careers.  Applicants compete for nineteen annual grants worth five-thousand dollars each.  Radiology technologists who are supplementing their educational credentials with radiology therapy degrees are also eligible to apply.

Parsons Degree Achievement Scholarships - The  program awards 20 individual scholarships annually, to students enrolled in programs pursuing their first college degrees.  Each award is worth $2000 and may be applied to a bachelor’s or master’s program.

Radiologic technology students embarking on careers as educators in the field are eligible to apply for the Monster Medical Imaging Educators Scholarship Program -  winners earn up to $5,000 each.

Radiologic technicians interested in pursuing advanced degrees are eligible to apply for the Siemen’s Clinical Advancement Scholarship.  Four awards worth $5000 each go to bachelor’s, master’s, and other degree candidates within imaging disciplines.

Scholarships in Radiology

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