Fulbright Program - A public policy graduate degree (MPP) involves the various actions that government bodies take towards many public policy issues. An educational degree in public policy studies the decision making of today’s governments. The Fulbright program is available for students and teachers. This government sponsored program sponsors advanced public policy research, university teaching positions, and teaching positions in elementary and secondary classrooms. Fulbright programs are available for several thousand students each year, and the award amounts are larger than most scholarships.

Anita F. Alpern Scholarship Fund - This scholarship fund is available for students wishing to gain an advanced degree in public policy. The requirements for this scholarship are based on scholastic merit and grades, financial need, and a commitment to public service. Full or part time students within the public policy curriculum are able to apply for this scholarship funding. Anita F. Alpern was a member of the faculty at American University and served on the adjunct faculty as well. She taught classes in public administration and administrative ethics for graduate students. There is one award, and the amount is $2500.

Bernard H. Ross Public Administration Scholarship - The Bernard H. Ross scholarship is awarded yearly, and there are three awards that are granted each year. The amount given for outstanding achievement and dedication to public work is $2,000, that may be renewed each year by maintaining a 3.2 grade point average or higher. This award is given to students who show academic achievement at the undergraduate level and have a history of community service projects as well.

The John D. Young Memorial Scholarship - The family of John D. young set up this scholarship fund after the professor’s death. He was dedicated to public service over a thirty six year career in government. He served on the faculty of American University for ten years in the fields of public administration and public policy. A faculty committee chooses the one yearly recipient of this award of $3,500. The recipient chosen must be a first year full time student with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher. The student chosen needs to show leadership ability as well.

Robert P. Boynton Award - This scholarship award is given out each year to one individual, and the amount granted is $500. The school of public policy established this award in memory of the late professor Robert P. Boynton. The scholarship money goes to a graduate student who has shown academic excellence in the fields of comparative public administration, nonprofit management, and international development administration. Most of these scholarships are based on high academic grade point averages within a public policy academic program. Outside leadership roles are included in certain of the scholarship programs, and community outreach is important to complete.

AAUW Association of American University Women International Fellowships - The Association of American Women has several international fellowships available each year. There are 245 fellowships and grants that can be awarded, and the budget for these awards is in the millions of dollars. Several individual scholarships are awarded by separate groups within the AAUW organization. The American Fellowship and Career Development Grant may be offered each year for academic study. The Community Action Grant is awarded, and an International Fellowship is given by this academic organization. An International Project Grant is available, and a student may apply for Selected Professions Fellowships.

Digital Innovation Fellowships Program - The Andrew W. Mellon foundation supports the ACLS Digital Innovation Fellowship. The deadline for applications for this funding is in September of each year. The amount of the stipend granted is up to $60,000. The amount of the project costs that may be granted are up to $25,000. The tenure for each awarded project is one academic year that begins between July and September of each year. A completed application for this program may be sent online. This fund supports the digitally based research projects across all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences.

Fellowship Competition of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars - The Woodrow Wilson Center is now accepting applications for the upcoming deadline of October. The center supports the work of outstanding and award winning scholars, practitioners, journalists, and public intellectuals. The center in Washington, D.C., hosts around 160 scholars each year and supports the intellectual exchange of research on national and international issues regarding public policy and various policy challenges. Academic applicants should have a doctorate. Other applicants should have a certain level of accomplishment as well. The stipend awarded is usually equal to the regular salary of the fellow.

Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program - The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) welcomes applications for its fellow positions until the deadline of November. This endowment group supports freedom around the world. An academic applicant will need a doctorate in order to apply for this program. Other types of applicants are welcome to apply. Other applicants will need a career equivalent of achievement in order to be considered. The program has a practitioner track and a scholarly track. Around 16 to 20 fellows are hosted each year in Washington, D.C., and given a monthly stipend for living expenses, health insurance, and travel reimbursement.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/ACLS Early Career Fellowships - The American Council of Learned Societies sponsors a fellowship program that supports the completion of a PhD dissertation. This fellowship program helps advance graduate studies in the humanities and related social sciences in the last year of a PhD program. The stipend for this program is $25,000 plus funds for research costs up to $3,000. University fees can be reimbursed up to $5,000. Tenure for this position is one year. The fellow will be expected to complete the dissertation work within this year of study and academic fellowship tenure.

The Herbert Roback Scholarship - Administered by the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), this scholarship awards $7,500 to a student admitted to or currently enrolled in full-time graduate study of public administration, public service or political science. In addition to the monetary award, the recipient also receives an invitation to the annual meeting of the NAPA.

Alfred M. Pelham Scholarship Endowment Fund - Students at Wayne State University can apply for this $500 award; faculty can also nominate deserving students. Traditionally underrepresented groups in public administration, including women and minorities, are given preference in the selection process.

Harry S. Truman Scholarship Program - This highly competitive scholarship program is open to college juniors and seniors who are planning to obtain a master’s degree in public administration. Students themselves can’t apply for this scholarship, but must be nominated by a Truman Scholarship Faculty Representative from their college. Recipients of the scholarships participate in prestigious leadership programs and receive opportunities for government internships and employment.

The George A. Nielsen Public Investor Scholarship- In a scholarship program administered by the Colorado Government Finance Officers Association (CGFOA), a $2,500 award is granted to a student employed by the government or other public entity. The student must be enrolled in a master’s degree program in public finance, finance, or business administration, and needs to be a member of the CGFOA in good standing.

Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship - Funded by the Girard Miller Foundation and administered by the Government Finance Officers’ Association of the U.S. and Canada (GFOA), this prestigious $10,000 scholarship is awarded to one graduate student each year. In addition to the monetary assistance, the recipient receives an all-expenses paid trip to the GFOA’s annual conference, where they will be presented with their award.

Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship - Another scholarship administered by the GFOA is the Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship. The award of $5,000 is granted to an outstanding graduate student who belongs to one of the following groups: Black/African American, American Indian, Asian, native Hawaiian or other Pacific islander, Hispanic or Latino. Like the Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship, this award comes with a paid trip to the annual GFOA conference.

Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship - This highly selective fellowship is financed by the U.S. Department of State, and seeks to attract students interested in a Foreign Service career with the Department. Fellows receive an award of up to $40,000 per year, covering their tuition, room and board, and books; however, recipients are contractually obligated to work as a Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State for at least five years after completing their fellowship. Fellows must also obtain worldwide medical clearance from the Department of State as well as top secret security clearance.

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