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Rotary World Peace Fellows- Rotary International is one of the leading providers of scholarships for students who are uniquely interested in humanitarian aid or peace programs.

The Jennings Randolph Fellowship Program- Funds the research efforts of graduate students, post-graduate scholars and political and social movers and shakers who wish to study at the institute.

The Peace Scholar Dissertation Program - Funds the research of outstanding doctoral candidates whose dissertation takes them into USIP territory. Ten of these awards are given out every year, particularly toward students who are writing on international peace, conflict, and security.

Alliance for Conflict Transformation - The Alliance for Conflict Transformation works hard at bridging the global differences in the world by bringing together leaders, scholars, students and organizations dedicated to a more peaceful world. ACT provides a changing list of scholarships that help students and others with travel expenses and tuition and program costs.

Peace and Collaborative Development Network- Must do a search for "scholarships" that are constantly updated.


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Peace and Conflict Resolution

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