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American Nuclear Society Incoming Freshman Scholarship - This scholarship is for high school seniors who are going to enroll full-time in a nuclear engineering program. Consideration will be given to high school academics, freshman courses that you have chosen, letters of recommendation, and a 500-word essay. Four awards will be given of $1,000.

The Kent Hamlin Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship is for students pursing an associate degree (2 year degree) and who are interested in the nuclear power industry. You should show an interest in and commitment to a career in the industry.

NEED Scholarship Award for Community College and Trade School - If you are currently in community college but are hoping to transfer to a four year university to study nuclear engineering, this scholarship is for you. Two awards of $2,000 will be given.

ANS Undergraduate Scholarships - If you have completed at least one year of a nuclear engineering degree, you are eligible for several undergraduate scholarships offered by the ANS. ANS gives out over 20 scholarships of $2,000. The application deadline is February 1st.

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