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Scholarships in Neurology

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Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing together the whole scientific community with open and peer-reviewed conferences to work and accelerate discoveries in life science. They host these conferences all around the United States, Canada, and a few international locations all throughout the year. Their conferences range from biophysics to cancer to immunology along with many other disciplines. These events are open to anyone interested in the fields of molecular and cellular biology. There is a cost incurred, however, when attending these conferences. Because of this, Keystone Symposia offers travel scholarships to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows of up to $1,200.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) dedicates itself to supporting the ongoing efforts of scientists and physicians continually analyze the disease, working toward finding more advanced treatments and cures. Conducting this research isn’t cheap and NMSS offers scholarships and fellowships to those studying this disease.

The Harry Weaver Neuroscience Scholar Award is named after Dr. Weaver who was a major contributor to neurosciences and multiple sclerosis research. Those who have finished their research training and have embarked on their independent exploration in a field related to M.S. are eligible. They receive salary and grant compensation for a five year period. This allows those awarded to fully engross themselves in their topic, and become an expert in their chosen research area.