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Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) sponsors the federally funded Critical Language Scholarships. The highly competitive awards are well-advertised and provide qualified students with generous funding to study Middle Eastern languages abroad in various locations every summer. The Council’s aim is to extend the development of international relations, and particularly language relations, between the US and Arab countries by using student ambassadors who are dedicated to furthering the cause. Candidates anywhere from undergraduate studies through doctoral level academics may be considered for the awards.

National Security Language Initiative for Youth - The US government has put a significant sum of money aside with the intention of encouraging American students to become worldwide leaders who are compelling, educated and worldly. The NSLI program invites US students to immerse themselves in the linguistic and cultural studies of foreign locales, with a particular interest in the Middle East, by funding their travels and academics in other countries.

Arab American Institute. The AAI has a comprehensive database of scholarship opportunities for both Arab and American students wishing to learn more about the other’s history and way of life.

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