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Scholarships for Meteorology

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has set up several scholarships for students in atmospheric science. There are two principal types of NOAA scholarship, the Ernest F. Hollings and the Educational Partnership Program (EPP) scholarships. The Hollings scholarships are given to undergraduates for one or two years. The program includes financial aid for school (at most, $8,000 a year), followed by a full-time internship paying $650 a week at a NOAA facility. If NOAA selects you to stay for another year, you receive the same level of financial aid during that period.

The EPP program is designed for students attending Minority Serving Institutions such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Tribal Colleges and Universities. It includes both scholarships for undergraduates and a graduate training program. Undergraduates receive about $28,000 over a two-year period for tuition and fees. The Graduate Sciences Program pays for expenses like tuition, books, and lab fees, in addition to paying a salary during the student’s 16 weeks of work at a NOAA facility.

National Weather Association - The National Weather Association and AccuWeather, Inc. cooperate in underwriting the AccuWeather Undergraduate Scholarship in Meteorology. The Accuweather award brings $1,000 per year to an undergraduate who is at least a sophomore. This is a one-time award based on your academic success, and you must submit transcripts, two reference letters, and a personal statement with your application.

American Meteorological Society - The American Meteorological Society (AMS) maintains a list of its current scholarship offerings. Here are three of the available options for undergraduates:

The Ken Reeves Memorial AccuWeather Undergraduate Scholarship in Meteorology - Amount: $1,000 - Another meteorology scholarship you’ll want to add to your list is the Ken Reeves Memorial AccuWeather Undergraduate Scholarship. Ken Reeves was an employee of AccuWeather and member of the National Weather Association. Awards $1,000 per year to one student. 

Emmy Noether Award - Amount: $25,000 - If you’re a young woman with a goal of working in science, the Emmy Noether Award is for you. The foundation considers the award an investment in the future of young scientists. Two winners will receive silver medals, while the third will win a gold medal along with $25,000 to go towards funding in graduate school.