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Literature and Writing Scholarships

Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Contest - To win, students must recite three different poems. The competition is highly competitive. Over 365,000 students compete each year. Amount: State champions and runners-up $1,000; National champion $20,000, second place $10,000, third place $5,000

Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship - College students studying poetry or creative writing are eligible for the Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship. The award is designed to encourage undergraduate study and writing of poetry, and editors of the renowned Poetry magazine choose the winners. Over 1,000 students apply each year, meaning it’s a tough scholarship to win if you’re a new poet. To enter, English majors must submit a brief introduction about themselves and their writing style, along with ten different poems. Amount: $15,000

Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged Scholarship - Both high school and college students who have read Atlas Shrugged can choose from three different essay prompts when applying for the Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged Scholarship. They then must submit an 800-word essay on the novel’s themes and philosophy. There are over 600 awards available each year.Amount: First place $10,000, three second place winners $2,000, five third place winners $1,000; Finalists receive $100, semifinalists $50.

Challenge The Experts Scholarship - No matter their experience level or age, high school and college students can submit an essay. The prompts change every year, but past topics include the recession, voter turnout and religion. Prizes are awarded multiple times throughout the year, so students who don’t win have a chance to submit new material. Amount: $500 to $10,000

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards - The scholarship looks for the most outstanding writers possible. Winners receive up to $10,000, and the lowest amount given for honorable mentions is $1,000. Students submit original work; there are no essay prompts to answer or books to analyze. Amount: Up to $10,000

America’s Next Top Namer Scholarship - SApplicants must submit an essay in which they come up with five possible brand names for a new device. They are to name an intelligent digital personal assistant and academic navigator designed for mobile devices. If a winner really impresses the judges, they can be offered a summer internship with Strategic Name Development as well. Amount: $2,000

Signet Classics Student Scholarship - Five winning two- to three-page essays are chosen each year. A winning essay should discuss the novel’s themes and issues and be free of grammar and spelling errors. Entries are also judged for their creativity and clarity. Amount: $1,000 and a Signet Classics library