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Jewish Endowment Foundation Scholarship- The Jewish Endowment Foundation offers thousands of dollars in scholarships to Jewish women who demonstrate financial need.

Jewish Federation Academic Scholarships - The Jewish Federation has chapters all around the country and offers scholarships to students in those areas. Scholarships offered by the Jewish Federation in Chicago, for example, are primarily available for Chicago-based Jewish students. The Jewish Federation has over $500,000 in scholarship funds for students who demonstrate financial need.

Jewish Community Center North American Graduate Scholarships - The Jewish Community Center offers a scholarship for graduate students looking to major in a subject that leads to a career for the Jewish Community Center. Fields of study that are eligible for this scholarship include social work, sports management, physical education and many more. Full-time students can receive up to $10,000 per year in scholarship funds, and part-time students can receive up to $3,000 per year. Jewish women can earn scholarship funds as long as they contribute to the Jewish Community Center movement during their years of study.

Kaplun Essay Contest - The Morris J. and Betty Kaplun Foundation offers high school Jewish students seeking undergraduate college financial aid a chance to write an essay on a given topic. Two main contests are available with each one being applicable to a certain age group separated by levels. Level 1 essays can be written by students in grades 7 through 9, and level 2 essays can be written by students in grades 10 through 12.The five finalists of each level group will be awarded $750, and the first place student of each essay level will be awarded $1,800.

Jewish Foundation for Education of Women - The Jewish Foundation for Education of Women distributes grants and scholarships to women in various fields of study. Women looking to study health, public service, math and science can send letters of inquiry to receive scholarship aid.

The American Society of Women Accountants has been in operation since 1938 and features over 3,500 members. Jewish women who are undergraduate students in their third or fourth year of study can qualify for various scholarships. Jewish women studying finance or accounting in graduate school may qualify for the Master’s Scholarship. Students do not have to members of the organization to qualify for any of the scholarships. However, applications for scholarship funds are made through local chapters of the American Society of Women Accountants.

National Council of Jewish Women - The National Council of Jewish women regularly participates in social movements involving women’s rights and child welfare. Jewish women with physical disabilities may be able to qualify for their Jackson-Stricks Scholarship Fund. The scholarship is awarded to individuals to promote independent living from a solid vocational training program. Jewish women who attend college in the New York Metropolitan area who are undergraduates or graduates can qualify for the scholarship fund. Information required to apply for scholarship funds includes:

The Jackson-Stricks Scholarship Fund can allow Jewish women with disabilities to earn a quality education at an affordable cost. The National Council of Jewish Women awards the scholarship every year to students who demonstrate inspirational life goals and financial need based on disability. The application form for the Jackson-Stricks Scholarship can be found online at under “services to the community.”

Jewish Vocational Service - The Jewish Vocational Service has offered need-based financial aid to over 3,500 students. Jewish women who have financial need can apply for scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.