Scholarships for Geography

All of the Scholarship Awards are applied for through the American Association of Geographers

AAG Honors
Anderson Medal
Atlas Award
Brunn Creativity Award
Burrill Award
Community College Travel Grants
Dissertation Research Grants, AAG
Enhancing Diversity Award
Enrichment Funds
Garrison Award
Glenda Laws Award
Globe Book Award
Hess Community College Scholarship
Hoffman Award
Honorary Geographer
International Geographic Information Fund
Jackson Prize
Marble-Boyle Undergraduate Award
Marcus Fund
Media Achievement Award
Meridian Book Award
Miller Award
Nystrom Award
Presidential Achievement Award
Publication Award
Research Grants, AAG
Reynolds Fund
Rose Award
Specialty/Affinity Group Competitions
Visiting Geographical Scientist Program
White Fund

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AAGS Joseph F. Dracup Scholarship Award - This prestigious award is given out by the American Association for Geodetic Surveying (AAGS). If you are interested in geomatics, surveying engineering or geodetic surveying as a future career, then the Joseph F. Dracup Scholarship Award is a great way to help fund your education. In addition to a letters of recommendation and transcripts, students must also submit an essay about why they deserve this $2,000 scholarship in order to apply.

CaGIS Masters Scholarship Award - The Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS) honors graduate students pursuing their master’s deree in cartography or geographic information science by giving out two $750 CaGIS Masters Scholarship Awards each year. Undergraduates can also apply if they intend to complete master’s level research in geographic information sciences. The criteria for judging applications include academic record, the applicant’s statement and letters of recommendation and professional activities.

NSPS Fellows Scholarship - Geography can lead to exciting career options like surveying and mapping, geodesy or geographic information sciences. Students who are interested in one of these fields should apply for the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) Fellows Scholarship. This $2,000 award is available to undergraduate students in their junior or senior year of school. Students must be a member of NSPS to apply.

Darrel Hess Community College Geography Scholarship

Starting out your geography degree at a community college can save you a ton of money. To save even more, apply for the Darrel Hess Community College Geography Scholarship. Two $1,000 awards are given out each year to community college students who have already completed at least two transfer courses in geography and who have plans to transfer to a four-year institution in the coming academic year. The scholarships are generously funded by Darrel Hess, coauthor of the textbook Physical Geography: A Landscape Appreciation by McKnight and Hess.

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