Sponsored by the Federal Probation and Pretrial Officers Association (FPPOA), the Ben S. Meeker Academic Scholarship is awarded yearly for a maximum of $1,000 to provide financial support to academically talented students who manifest a dedication to pursuing a career in the probation, pretrial services, parole, corrections, or criminal justice field. Eligible applicants must have at least junior-level status, maintain full-time enrollment, be related to an active FPPOA member, and exhibit professional maturity.

Correctional Education Association Scholarship - Within the Correctional Education Association (CEA), at least one scholarship is awarded each year for $500 to undergraduate or graduate student members who are currently enrolled in a degree program for corrections management or correctional education with the goal of improving the delivery of educational services to rehabilitate inmates.

CPO Foundation Scholarships - Administered by the Correctional Peace Officers (CPO) Foundation, these scholarships are designed to bestow up to $1,500 each to the children and grandchildren of qualifying active members who have been working in or retired from the corrections management profession for a minimum of 12 months.

Dennis R. Martin Juvenile Justice Scholarships - Through the Middle Atlantic States Correctional Association (MASCA), the Dennis R. Martin Juvenile Justice Scholarships are granted for $1,000 in honor of a long-standing board member who dedicated his life to improving the juvenile justice system and consistently advocated for the exchange of ideas for growth.

Dr. J. Lamar Johnson Memorial Scholarship - To qualify for a $500 award, candidates must be enrolled in some form of higher education, have a declared major in criminal justice or another corrections-related field, and be pursuing a correctional career in the public sector.

Fallen Heroes Scholarship Award - Annually, the South Dakota Corrections Association (SDCA) offers the Fallen Heroes Scholarship Award in the amount of $500 to junior or senior-level undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in an accredited in-state university with a major in corrections management or a closely related program.

Harjit Sanhu Criminal Justice Scholarship - Created in honor of a sociology professor at Oklahoma State University who dedicated his research to the criminal justice field, the Harjit Sanhu Criminal Justice Scholarship is awarded through the Oklahoma Correctional Association (OCA) each year for $500 to students majoring in sociology, social work, psychology, criminology, corrections, or a related criminal justice field.

Harold Johnson Law Enforcement Scholarship - Established by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation in 2010, the Harold Johnson Law Enforcement Scholarship provides up to $5,000 to students pursuing a career in police work, corrections, or other law enforcement fields.

James Boorman Sr. Memorial Scholarship - Since 1997, the Wisconsin Correctional Association (WCA) has been awarding the James Boorman Sr. Memorial Scholarship for up to $1,000 yearly to active members of the dependent children of current members who are currently enrolling full-time in a technical certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or graduate degree program for corrections management.

Kansas Correctional Association Scholarships - Valued from $500 to $1,000 each year, the Kansas Correctional Association (KCA) proudly presents several scholarships to full-time graduating high school students, college applications, and matriculated undergraduate students who are aiming for a degree in corrections, criminal justice, or a related social science field.

Lambda Alpha Epsilon Scholarships - Within the American Criminal Justice Association (ACJA), the Lambda Alpha Epsilon honor society gladly offers several monetary scholarships for varying amounts to lower-division and upper-division undergraduate students as well as graduate students who are pursuing a course of study in any criminal justice discipline, including corrections management.

Leonard Morgenbesser Educational Scholarship - In honor of his 20-year membership of the executive board for the New York Corrections and Youth Services Association (NYCAYSA) and his strong advocacy for anti-gun violence to make Albany safer, the Leonard Morgenbesser Education Scholarship is awarded each year for $500.

Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Award - To commemorate his belief that progress is best achieved through cooperation rather than through conflict, the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Award is presented annually by the American Correctional Association (ACA) for $2,000.

Minds Against Crime Grants - For varying amounts, the Minds Against Crime Grants are available to individuals currently working in the community corrections field who demonstrate a significant need for additional funding to pursue education and professional development for improving their delivery of services specifically in the community corrections field.

Ray Hobbs Honorary Scholarship - Sponsored by the Arkansas Association of Correctional Employees Trust (AACET), the Ray Hobbs Honorary Scholarship is awarded each year for $2,000 to tenured ADC employees who have at least ten years of full-time work experience in the state’s correctional services field.

Susan C. Cranford Memorial Scholarship - In honor of her innovative leadership during her nine-year tenure as warden of the largest female prison in Texas and illustrious rise to an appointed position on the Texas Punishment Standards Commission, the Susan C. Cranford Memorial Scholarship is presented each year for $500 through the Texas Corrections Association (TCA).

Susan M. Hunter Correctional Scholarship - Through the Association of State Correctional Administrators (ASCA), the Susan M. Hunter Correctional Scholarship has been established to award $1,500 annually in honor of the former Chief of the Prisons Division at the National Institute of

Scholarships for Corrections Management

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