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College of the Ozarks – Need-based award valued up to $18,100 based on tuition for the 2014-2015 school year, based on COFO tuition fees, and depending on a student’s receiving of federal and state aid. Available to all qualifying students. Fifteen hours per week work program requirement in effect.

Alice Lloyd College – Tuition of $0 for eligible students who are resident to the college’s 108-county service area in the Appalachia region. Work program requirement. Also has additional scholarship opportunities that cover other expenses including fees and books or room and board.

Saint Louis Christian College – Tuition of $0 for eligible full-time students who live on campus. Has room and board fees.

Barclay College – Award worth $11,000 full-tuition scholarship automatically upon acceptance, to qualified resident students.

Oklahoma Baptist University – Awards of $8,000 per up to full tuition (for four years) for qualified students. Has two full-tuition scholarships and a number of opportunities.


Greenville College Scholarships – Offers numerous Christian-focused scholarships with varying award amounts (up to $13K per year). Please see Web site for details.

Emory University Candler School of Theology Scholarships – Offers several dozen scholarship at undergrad and graduate levels, with varying award amounts – including some with full-tuition and a stipend. Please see Web site for details.

American Baptist Church

American Baptist Home Mission Societies Graduate Study Scholarships – Award of $3000 to active American Baptist church members (1+ years) enrolled in the USA or Puerto Rico at an an accredited institution (Ph.D., with 1+ completed year) and is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and with intent to teach (college or seminary).

American Baptist Home Mission Societies Daniel E. Weiss Fund for Excellence – Award of $3000, for the first year of seminary, to an active American Baptist church member (1+ years), who is an American citizen or permanent resident enrolled in the USA or Puerto Rico at an accredited institution. Suited for those not taking theological studies but who have ministerial skills.

Ellen Cushing Scholarship – Awarded to female grad students intending a secular career in “human service or church-related vocation” (no M.Div. or D.Min.) Past award: $2000.

Catholic Church

Catholic Financial Life Orphan’s College Scholarship – Award of $4000 per year to qualified orphaned natural or legally adopted children of deceased parents who were financial members of Catholic Financial Life at time of death. Max $16K for students of a four-year program, $8K for two-year program. Has age requirement (up to 23 years, inclusive).

Disciples of Christ

David Tamotsu Kagiwada Memorial Fund Award – Awarded to an Asian American recipient with intent of a career in a Disciples of Christ church, and enrolled in/ accepted to a grad theological school or seminary. Past awards: $1500.


Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania – Award of $2000-3000, paid semi-annually, to women in a post-bachelor’s degree or planning on being ordained, with preference to Diocese of Pennsylvania residents. Renewable (3 years max).

Estelle Beaumont Ellison Individual Education Scholarships – Awards of $500-3000 to full-time student recipients 14-30 years old, of good moral character, academic excellence and financial need, and a regular Christian church participant (not necessarily Christ Episcopal Church) and resident of greater San Antonio region.

Multi-Denominational Requirement or Non-Denominational

David H.C. Read Preacher/Scholar Award – Merit-based award of $20,000, with three runners up awards of $1,000, for a final-year MDiv student — by nomination from a theological school (max 2 per school per year). Expectation of “outstanding promise as preachers and scholars.”

FTE Fellowship for Latino/a, Asian and First Nations Doctoral Students – Fellowship stipend of $20K for one academic year, plus expectation of full tuition from recipient’s institution. Qualified applicants are enrolled in an accredited Th.D. or Ph.D program in religion or related studies; are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (or Canadian citizen or landed immigrant), and are of Latino/a, Asian or First Nations descent. Possible full-year writing expectation and other conditions for recipients.

Irene S. Wischer Education Foundation Scholarship Program – Award of $10,800 max per academic year (max four years) for U.S. citizens resident in Texas for 12+ consecutive months before applying, with good character and regular church attendance, and demonstrated financial need.

Lilly Scholarships in Religion – Award of up to $5000 (stipend) to full-time American or Canadian journalists pursuing entry in an eligible religious school (theology or divinity). Must not be working in religious media. Amount can be towards tuition and other acceptable expenses for traditional or distance courses.

Mary E. Bivins Religious Scholarship – Undergraduate and Graduate – Award of $3500 per semester to qualified graduate ($2500 for undergraduate), for tuition and other acceptable expenses. Preference goes to those planning to serve as pulpit pastor after graduation. Must be a U.S. citizen and resident of specific Texas counties.

U.S. Army Reserve Chaplain Candidate Program Assistance – Awarded to full-time student (34 years or younger) who has superior academic ability and a capacity for ministry, and is a Chaplain Candidate in a grad religion or theology program in a partner school. Open to various faiths. Past award: $3500.

Cannon Endowment Scholarship – Annual award of $2500 to qualified recipients pursuing military chaplaincy in any of the following denominations: United Church of Christ (UCC); Christian Church Disciples of Christ (DOC); United Methodist, or Presbyterian, USA congregation.

Chaplain Samuel Grover Powell Scholarship – Award of $900 per year (two-year max) to middle year/ senior students planning on a chaplaincy in the military, with preference to the U.S. Air Force. Candidates must either be in a Chaplain Candidate program or have completed an active tour of duty.

FTE Fellowship for Doctoral Students of African Descent – Fellowship stipend of $20K for one academic year, plus expectation of full tuition from recipient’s institution. Qualified applicants are enrolled in an accredited Th.D. or Ph.D program in religion or related studies; are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (or Canadian citizen or landed immigrant), and are of African descent. Possible full-year writing expectation and other conditions for recipients.

Unitarian Universalist

Unitarian Universalist Association Named Scholarships – Various named scholarships ranging from $1-$15,000, including Roy H. Pollack Scholarship, mentioned elsewhere, as well as several first-year student scholarships. Varying deadline dates. See site for details.

Roy H. Pollack Scholarship – Awarded to junior or senior student of good character, having academic excellence, and studying for ordination, with active participation in extracurricular activities at their theological institution, and either an Aspirant or having Candidate status with Unitarian Universalist Association. Priority goes to those with ministerial ability, financial need, and/or persons of color. Citizen of U.S. or Canada. Recipients are eligible for additional scholarships based on academic and social performance. Past awards: $7500.

David Pohl Scholarship – Awarded to M.Div ministerial candidate with Unitarian Universalist Association demonstrating “outstanding ministerial ability,” with financial need. Citizen of U.S. or Canada. May be eligible for additional scholarships based on academic and social performance. Past award: $2250.

United Church of Christ

Richard and Helen Brown Pastoral Scholarships – Award of up to $10,000 for qualified UCC seminarians. Additional awards of $3000-6000 available to qualified students of overseas/ global partner churches studying abroad or in the U.S. See PDF for details.

Adrienne M. and Charles Shelby Rooks Fellowship for Racial and Ethnic Theological Students – Doctoral Studies – Award of $500-5000 for UCC members who are African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, Native American or Pacific Islander and are enrolled in an accredited school of theology in the U.S. or Canada, with intent of taking Ph.D., Th.D. or Ed.D., and having a “B” or better average GPA – full- or part-time students. Doctoral grants also available.

Avery Arthington Fund – Award of $400-\4000, intended for undergraduate African students of partner churches studying in the United States at an UCC-related college. Requires return to home country post-graduation.

William R. Johnson Scholarship – Award of around $2500 to LGBT student member (2nd or 3rd year) of UCC who is enrolled in a ATS seminary and a GPA of 3.0+.

Valerie Russell Scholarship Fund – Award of $1500-2000 to United Church of Christ lay-women involved in justice work and either professional development or formal higher education.

United Methodist Church

Native American Seminary Scholarship Program – Award of $5000/ year for up to three years. Requires GPA of 2.5+ (4.0 scale), UM church membership (3+ years). Intended for Native American degree students (20-25 years old) at an approved seminary, born of Native American, American Indian or Alaskan Native parentage — at least one parent — with proof of tribal affiliation, and in the process of ordination.

United Methodist Leadership Scholars – Awards of $10,000 to student (high school senior) in the SEJ (southeastern jurisdiction) planning to attend an SEJ Methodist-related educational institution, with leadership characteristics. Require GPA of 3.5+.

Diaconia Fellowship – Awards of up to $10,000 for a full-time doctoral student, based on financial need, with proof of academic ability. Candidates are deacons / diaconal ministers with plans to teach or administrate in an institution.

Esther Edwards Graduate Scholarship for Women Leaders in Higher Education – Award of $5000 (average) to female students (accredited institution, GPA 3.00+) prepping for /working in administration employment in an institution of higher education, and a member of a UM church (1+ years).

Georgia Harkness Scholarship Award – Awards of $5000 to women 35+ planning a second career as an ordained minister in a UM church, and who have a BA /equivalent and are enrolled full-time in a M.Div. degree program.

Rosalie Bentzinger Scholarship – Award of $5000 (average) to a an ordained deacon planning for “a Ph.D. in Christian Education,” who has membership in a UM church (3+ years) and a GPA 3.0+.

Bishop James C. Baker Award – Award of $2000-5000 for UM ministers in a campus ministry (3+ years), with MDIV or equivalent degree, GPA 3.0 or higher, leading to select advanced degree (doctorate) or certification.

Journey Toward Ordained Ministry – Award of $5000 (average) to undergrad or grad students pursuing ordination, and is a racial/ ethnic minority 30 years or younger, member of UM church (2+ years). GPA of 2.85+ for undergrads and 3.0+ for grads. The award includes mentoring.

Dollars for Scholars: Matching Scholarship – Awards of $1000-4000 for a full-time student (UM-related college, university or seminary), with UM church membership (1+ years). UMHEF matches $1,000 to participating school’s $1,000-$3,000 scholarship (first-come, first-served basis). Number of awards varies each year.

Foundation Merit Scholars Program – Awards of $1000-3000 for different study levels in approved UM schools (four-year and two-year), prep schools, or theological or professional schools., with intent to master’s level ordination. GPA of 3.0+ /equivalent and citizen or permanent resident of the United States.

HANA Scholarship – Award of $1000-3000 to junior/ senior/ grad/ doctoral student of HANA (Hispanic, Asian, Native American or Pacific Islander) parentage, UM church membership (3+ years), GPA of 2.85+, and plans for leadership in their community.

Jeanne Audrey Powers Leadership for Change Scholarship – Award of up to $3000 per year for UM seminarians studying at Pacific School of Religion or one of thirteen UM seminaries in the U.S., prepping for ordination and a champion of justice for gay and lesbian persons in the UM church. Renewable (max three years total).

Cowles United Methodist Church Memorial Scholarship – Award of $2000 to a ministerial student planning to be a Great Plains UM Conference pastor (30+ years eligibility duration) and in a seminary there. Must be a member of a Nebraska UM church and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5+.

E. Craig Brandenburg Graduate Awards – Award of $1000-2000 to full-time enrolled grad student 35+ years entering a second career and a member of the UM church (1+ years), and with a “B” or higher average grade.

St. Andrew By The Sea UMC Scholarship – Award of $1000-1500 to outstanding UM students (past freshman year) with financial need who are planning to enter either “ministry, Christian Education or Church music.” Requirements: either (1) plan to enter “ministry, Christian Education or Church music” and possibly UM church ministry; (2) graduate of Epworth Children’s Home; or (3) member of St. Andrews by-the-Sea United Methodist Church

Alice Kruse Ministerial Scholarship Fund – Award of $1000 to a ministerial student who is a member of a Nebraska UM church, attends one of four eligible seminaries, with two full semesters completed, and a minimum 30 years eligibility to serve in the Great Plains Methodist Conference as an UM minister. GPA of 2.5+ required.

United Universalist

David Eaton Scholarship – Award of $2500 to qualified African-American women in candidacy for ministry (UU) and M.Div., and involved in/ preparing for involvement in “an anti-racist multi-cultural religious organization and country”

Olympia Brown and Max Kapp Awards – Award of $2500 to a qualified ministerial student who submits a paper, sermon or relevant project about Universalism. Priority goes to those with ministerial ability, financial need, and/or persons of color. Citizen of U.S. or Canada. Recipients are eligible for additional scholarships based on academic and social performance.

Robert and Martha Atherton Scholarship – Awarded to 2nd/3rd year ministerial students in Candidate status (Unitarian Universalist Association). Preferred qualities: M.Div. candidate, patriotic, friendly, caring and dedication to helping humankind. Past awards: $2500.