Allison E. Fisher Scholarship - In honor of a young broadcast journalist who lost her fight with breast cancer at 28, the Allison E. Fisher Scholarship is granted annually for $2,500 by the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) to African American students majoring in journalism, broadcasting, mass communications, or a related discipline. Qualified applicants must attend an accredited U.S. undergraduate or graduate school, maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0, have a record of community service, and attach five work samples.

American Advertising Federation-NM Scholarships - Through the Albuquerque Foundation, the American Advertising-NM Scholarships are given for $1,500 each year to two full-time junior or senior college students at non-profit New Mexico higher learning institutions who are majoring in journalism, broadcasting, communications, marketing, advertising, digital media, or public relations. Candidates must have at least one year remaining for their bachelor’s, carry a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, and submit an essay outlining their advertising career goals.

Ann Liguori Foundation Scholarship - Sponsored by New York Women in Communications (NYWICI), the Ann Liguori Foundation Scholarship is presented each year for $2,500 to outstanding undergraduate students who are studying communications fields to pursue a career in sports broadcasting, reporting, or programming. Eligible applicants must be female, have at least rising junior status, attend an accredited U.S. institution, live within the Tri-State area, be dedicated to sports media, and wish to complete an internship with CBS Radio Sports Network.

BEA Founders Award - Annually, the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) offers the Founders Award for $1,500 to two high-achieving undergraduate students who are enrolled in a two-year BEA member institution or graduates of these programs now transferring to a four-year university. Qualified candidates must be majoring in broadcasting or electronic media, maintain full-time enrollment, show evidence of superior academic ability, possess high integrity, be committed to a career in radio or television, and have potential for being an outstanding media professional.

Carole Simpson Scholarship - As an undergraduate broadcasting scholarship program, the Carole Simpson Scholarship is awarded each year by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) for $2,000 to sophomores, juniors, and seniors from minority groups who are enrolled full-time in an accredited U.S. school with a major in broadcast or digital journalism. To qualify, applicants must submit a cover letter, updated resume, letter of recommendation, and list of links for three to five work samples.

Dr. John R. Bittner Scholarships - In remembrance of the former executive director of the Radio Television Digital News Association of the Carolinas (RTDNAC), the Dr. John R. Bittner Scholarships are granted annually for $1,500 to two currently enrolled rising juniors or seniors who are majoring in broadcast or electronic journalism. Eligible candidates must attend an accredited four-year university in North Carolina or South Carolina, maintain good academic standing, exhibit financial need, and join the RTDNAC student workshop.

Frank del Olmo Memorial Scholarship - In honor of his 33-year career at the Los Angeles Times and KNBC-TV, the Frank del Olmo Memorial Scholarship is granted for $1,000 each year by the California Chicago News Media Association (CCNMA) to Latino students planning a career in broadcast journalism. Eligible applicants must reside in California, enroll full-time in an approved in-state school, have a declared major in the communications, showcase community awareness, exhibit financial need, and be committed to scholastic achievement.

Glenn Kummerow Memorial Scholarship - Administered by the National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB), the Glenn Kummerow Memorial Scholarship is designed to award $5,000 each year to one collegiate junior, senior, or graduate student who is enrolled in an agricultural communications program. To qualify, candidates must plan to work in broadcast or digital media, attend an accredited U.S. college, remain in good standing, submit three letters of reference, and record a two-minute audio statement showing their electronic communication skills.

Guy P. Gannett Scholarship Fund - As part of the Maine Community Foundation, the Guy P. Gannett Scholarship Fund was created in 2000 to provide $1,000 annual undergraduate scholarships for broadcasting or digital media to graduates of Maine public and private high schools. Qualified individuals must attend an accredited post-secondary institution in America full-time, declare a major in broadcast journalism, maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, have financial need, and possess on- or off-campus work experience related to journalism.

Harry Barfield Scholarship - Every academic year, the Harry Barfield Scholarship is offered by the Kentucky Broadcasters Association (KBA) to award $2,500 to college students across the Commonwealth who are attending in-state institutions to earn a degree in broadcasting, journalism, communications, digital media, or a related field. Eligible students should carry a minimum overall GPA of 3.0, be actively involved in professional extra-curricular activities, be at least rising juniors, provide faculty recommendations, and plan a career in broadcasting.

IBNA Grant Price Scholarship - Established by the Iowa Broadcast News Association (IBNA) to honor the former news director of WMT Radio/TV, the Grant Price Scholarship is awarded for $1,000 yearly to early career professionals who have declared a major in broadcast journalism or communications. Accepted candidates must be registered at a two or four-year college in Iowa, be freshmen or sophomores, achieve satisfactory academic standing, submit three news writing samples, and write a one-page statement on their electronic media goals.

Jack Shelley Scholarship Program - Sponsored by the Midwest Broadcast Journalists Association (MBJA), the Jack Shelley Scholarship Program is hosted annually to provide $1,250 to one lucky full-time college student who showcases outstanding promise in the field of broadcasting. Eligible applicants must attend an accredited Midwestern university, have one full year of studies remaining, possess a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, have experience in the field of broadcast journalism, and send three letters of professional recommendation.

James J. Wychor Scholarship - As one of 10 digital media scholarships gifted by the Minnesota Broadcasters Association (MBA) annually, the James J. Wychor Scholarship is offered for $1,500 annually to state residents who are majoring in broadcasting, journalism, advertising, marketing, news reporting, or communications. Eligible candidates must be committed to a career in electronic media, show promise with a minimum GPA of 2.5, attend an accredited post-secondary institution in Minnesota, and submit one writing sample.

Jim McKay Memorial Scholarship - Through the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Jim McKay Memorial Scholarship was created by the HBO, CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX networks to remember the legendary sportscaster with an annual $10,000 broadcasting scholarship. Qualified college-bound students must be declaring a major in broadcast journalism, be interested in sports media, wish to work in the television industry, attend a U.S. institution, participate in broadcast-related activities, and write a creative essay.

Ken R. Greenwood Student Scholarships - In the amount of $1,000, the Ken R. Greenwood Student Scholarships are available through the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters (OAB) Education Foundation annually for collegiate students who have majored in broadcasting at an in-state university. To apply, candidates must be entering their junior or senior year, maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.0, take at least 12 hours per term, plan to enter a broadcasting career upon graduation, and have significant unmet financial need.

Linda Simmons Memorial Scholarship - After losing her battle with cancer in 2001, the Linda Simmons Memorial Scholarship was initiated by the Alaska Broadcasters Association (ABA) to reward $2,000 annually to students majoring in the communications arts, including broadcasting, journalism, public relations, broadcast communications, broadcast engineering, or advertising. Eligible candidates must have resided in Alaska, attend an accredited school anywhere in America, be pursuing a bachelor’s degree, demonstrate academic excellence, and submit three reference letters.

Mark Holtz Memorial Scholarship - Established by the Dallas Mavericks Foundation in 2006 in memory of the team’s first radio broadcaster, the Mark Holtz Memorial Scholarship is awarded for $2,000 every year to high-achieving students who are planning to major in broadcasting at an accredited two or four-year institution. Qualified graduating high school seniors must live within a 75-mile radius of Dallas, be beginning college this fall, wish to pursue a career in sports media, and submit an audio or video broadcast performance.

Mike Reynolds Broadcasting Scholarship - In honor of an accomplished director at KCCI-TV in Des Moines who passed away from a brain tumor at 45, the Mike Reynolds Broadcasting Scholarship is given by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) annually for $1,000 for students aspiring a career in electronic broadcast journalism. Qualified candidates must have at least sophomore-level standing, have one full year of academic work remaining, demonstrate need for financial assistance, possess good writing ability, and be committed to broadcast news.

NAHJ Ford Motor Company Scholarships - Presented by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), the Ford Motor Company Scholarships are annual broadcasting awards worth up to $2,000 for outstanding college-bound and currently enrolled students pursuing a career in print, broadcast, online, or digital journalism. Eligible Latinos must be accepted at an accredited American college, have declared a major in broadcasting, maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, be involved in the Hispanic community, and have experience in English or Spanish-language media.

NWA Broadcast Meteorology Scholarship - Annually, the National Weather Association (NWA) offers the Broadcast Meteorology Scholarship for $1,000 to undergraduate college students in their sophomore year or later who are majoring in broadcasting with the goal of becoming a broadcast meteorologist. Applicants must have at least one full semester remaining, demonstrate academic merit, submit two letters of recommendation from media personnel or meteorology faculty, and create a YouTube video showing two full on-camera weather forecasts with graphics.

Pete Wilson Journalism Scholarship - Alternating every year between undergraduates and graduates, the Pete Wilson Journalism Scholarship is given for $2,000 through the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) to reward the accomplishments of students pursuing broadcasting careers in radio, television, or digital journalism. Eligible recipients must be from or studying in the San Francisco Bay Area, attend an accredited U.S. institution, maintain full-time enrollment, be at least sophomores, and provide up to five samples of previous broadcasting work.

Robert D. Greenberg Scholarship - Created by the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE), the Robert D. Greenberg Scholarship is designed to award $1,500 annually to college students who are pursuing a degree in broadcasting, digital media, communications, or a related major for a career in the technical aspects of broadcast engineering. Candidates must be SBE members, attend an accredited U.S. university, exhibit financial need, have part-time work experience in broadcasting, attach an official college transcript, and write a brief autobiography.

Ruth Hancock Scholarship Fund - Sponsored by the Broadcast Executives Society (BES), the Ruth Hancock Scholarship Fund is available to award $1,500 each year for three college-level students who are currently enrolled in a recognized broadcasting, digital media, communications, marketing, or journalism degree program. Qualified winners must be devoted to broadcast journalism, exhibit leadership qualities, possess a strong moral character, be willing to help others, demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for a career in broadcasting, and complete a 500-word essay response.

Tony and Linda Bonnici Scholarship - High school seniors and college students in Nevada searching for undergraduate broadcasting scholarships can look towards the Tony and Linda Bonnici Scholarship to earn full tuition coverage from the Nevada Broadcasters Association (NBA). Eligible candidates must enroll in at least 12 credits per semester, carry a minimum GPA of 2.7, declare a major in broadcast journalism, attend an in-state post-secondary institution, show public involvement, provide three letters of recommendation, and wish to become a broadcaster.

Vincent T. Wasilewski Scholarship - Offered by the Broadcasting Education Association (BEA) as a graduate digital media scholarship, the Vincent T. Wasilewski Scholarship is given for $4,000 annually to students earning a master’s degree related to any area of broadcast journalism. Qualified applicants must be enrolled full-time in an approved institution, be dedicated to a career in electronic media, show superior academic performance, possess a high level of integrity, submit a resume, and demonstrate potential in broadcasting.

Scholarships for Broadcast Journalism and Communications

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