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Bio Medical Engineering

What is Bio Medical Engineering?

MSPE Hancore-Amundson Michigan St U Biosystems Engineering Scholarship for Freshmen Biosystem Engineers $1000  

Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology Scholarship $2000

Walter B. McKinney Annual Agricultural Scholarship $1250

William J. Adams, Jr. and Marijane E. Adams Scholarship $1000

Abe and Rebecca Chavin Memorial Scholarship $1000

TCNJ Engineering Fund Scholarship $1000

Myron and Elinor A. Kolbe Scholarship

Darrell Lynn Roberts Memorial Scholarship $1000 1-Mar 3.0

AACE International Scholarships $8000

A.B. Everett Scholarship $500

Jerry Allen Harter Memorial Scholarship $650

M.C. McKenzie Memorial Scholarship $1500

Easterm States Exposition Scholarship $1000

John B. Boy/U.S. Sugar Corp. Scholarship for Agricultural and Biological Engineering $2300

Sansum Medical Research Institute Student Internship $2500

Patricia Collins Amaral Memorial Fund $600

Dan & Pauline Lutkenhouse & Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden Scholarship $5000

Joseph Pledger Hodges Jr. Annual Memorial Scholarship $1000

Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Summer Research Scholarship $2500

J.W. Jones Presidential Scholarship Endowment in Agriculture $5000  

Jeremiah Milbank Sr. Memorial Scholarship $1100 

William J. Oates Endowed Scholarship $2000

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation Scholarship $1000

Agricultural Engineering Departmental Scholarship $500

Lewis A. Sikes Annual Scholarship $3000

Alumni Association Scholarship

Mather-Frank Fellowship

George E. and Leila Giles Singleton Scholarship $1100

Airman Scholarship and Commissioning Program $15000

Lehman M. Bauknight Scholarship $1250

NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program $20000

Umatilla County Cattlemen's Association Scholarship $10000

Shanklin Memorial Scholarship $750

Biological Engineering Scholarship $5000

Parks College of Saint Louis University/SAE Engineering & Technology Scholarship $1000

John Deere Scholarship $5000

Special Undergraduate Academic Scholarship $2000