Women in Archaeology Scholarship - In the aforementioned Indiana Jones movies, Indy was often accompanied by a right-hand woman, be it his former girlfriend Marion or nightclub singer Willie. Needless to say, these films conformed to outdated gender roles, casting Indy as the hero accompanied by a love interest. In the real world, however, we know that the idea that women cannot progress past certain points in career paths is patently unfair, and something that society should strive to change. In order to help the drive towards equality, helping women in the field make up for unfair systemic biases, organizations such as the Center for American Archaeology often run programs centered around increasing the role of women in archaeology.

Crow Canyon Week of Archaeology - Amount: $1,595 - Located a few miles from the Four Corners monument, where the boundaries of the states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico come together to form perfect right angles, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center is one of the more celebrated destinations for archaeologists in America. Devoted to studying the Pueblo people, the Canyon in Colorado is a very competitive area for young students interested in going on digs.

American Archaeology Abroad Scholarship - Amount: $1,500 - Crow Canyon notwithstanding, many of the prized destinations for archaeologists are not in the United States. The US has only been populated for a few hundred years, compared to dig sites overseas where the artifacts found stretch back millennia. In order to help young archaeologists access these divine areas of historical treasure, organizations such as American Archaeology Abroad have recently founded scholarship programs dedicated to sending students overseas to pursue their dreams of unearthing a thousand-year-old secret.

AIA Fellowships and Grants - The “grandaddy of them all,” the American Institute of Archaeology is one of the oldest and most popular archaeological organizations in the country. For proof of their synonymous relationship with archaeology, just look at their url; they managed to snag! The AIA offers a myriad of fellowships, grants and scholarships to its members. Some are very specific, such as the Pomerance Fellowship, which is devoted to students who plan to study artifacts of the Aegean Bronze Age.

American Archaeology Abroad holds an annual competition for scholarships for undergraduate students to attend archaeological excavations abroad. Current funding allows for one award of $1500 per year. These competitions promote the organization’s goals of supporting archaeological excavations while also supporting the education of future archaeologists.

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Scholarships for Archaeology

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