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NFPA Youth Scholarship - The National Foster Parent Association offers scholarships for foster youth, adopted youth, or biological youth of currently licensed foster parents, who wish to further their education beyond high school, including college or university studies, vocational/technical school or junior college.

Horatio Alger Association - Recipients receive a $22,000 scholarship which is disbursed over the course of their collegiate career. Scholars attend the National Scholars Conference which takes place in Washington, DC in April and they receive access to various support services offered by the Horatio Alger Association which include:

International Student Foundation - The International Student Foundation's mission is to provide scholarships, mentoring and leadership training for select foster care and orphaned students…raising up leaders of influence.   

Foster Care to Success - Foster Care to Success partners with organizations, foundations, and individuals to deliver scholarships to foster youth across the country.  They have several programs including scholarships, grants, training vouchers, and others.

Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation - Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation offers post-secondary scholarships to Arizona foster youth.  

Gay/Lesbian Adoptive/Foster Parent Scholarship - Provides scholarships to foster and adoptive youth that are in care of or adopted by gay or lesbian parents.  Sponsored by Child Support Lawyer L.A.
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Casey Family Servicesprovides funding to students who have lived in the foster care system or who were adopted. Students are required to be less than twenty five years of age. The award varies between $2,500 and $6,000. More information is available at:

Massachusetts Adopted Children Tuition Waiver and Fee Assistance Program provides funding of up to $6,000 for students who have been adopted in MA. The student must be younger than twenty four years of age and must plan to attend a public university or college in MA. The award may be renewed up to three times. Other states also offer tuition waiver programs to adopted children. Among these states are Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia. Typically, these states require that students were adopted after their 13th birthday. Additionally, most states require students to complete the FAFSA, be a resident of the state, and plan to attend a public in-state college or university. There are usually a maximum number of years that the tuition waiver can be used. Interested students should check out the state government websites for each of these states for more detailed information for the adopted children college tuition waivers.

Richard and Janice Van Deelen Scholarship is open to students who attend Calvin College and who have been adopted. Students must have at least a 3.0 grade point average and be majoring in sociology. The scholarship provides $2,500 worth of funding.

National Foster Parent Association Youth Scholarship funds five scholarships for children who have been in foster care or who have been adopted. Students can obtain more information by e-mailing

Kreager Family Scholarship is open to residents of Kalamazoo County of students graduating from any Kalamazoo county high school. Students must have lost one or both parents in order to apply f or this award. A scholarship worth $2,500 will be awarded to the winners.

The George E. Allen Academic Scholarship is open to students who have been adopted in VA. Students must show that they have overcome adversity and explain how you plan to pursue your educational goals. Letters of recommendation, transcripts, and standardized tests are required to complete the application package.

Ira S. Tate Scholarship is open to adopted students who are residents of Baton Rouge. Students must plan to attend Southeastern Louisiana University. In addition to this award, other universities offer awards specific to adopted children. Interested students should inquire at their school’s financial aid office to see whether there are any scholarships for adopted students.