Disabled Person, Inc. sponsors an annual National Scholarship Competition for students with disabilities. Applicants must write a 1000 word essay on a given topic. The scholarship award amount is $1000 for the winning applicant.

The Incight Scholarship is a $500 renewable award for students with a documented learning disability. Incight also administers the Scrubs Gallery Scholarship for nursing students with learning disabilities.

The Learning Disorders Resource Foundation offers a variety of awards programs for students, including Google Chromebooks and other forms of assistance.

The Shire ADHD Scholarship Program is administered in cooperation with the Edge Foundation. 50 graduating seniors with documented ADHD receive $2000 scholarships to help them pursue their higher education at either a community college, university or vocational school. Scholarship recipients also receive a full year of counseling and coaching services from the Edge Foundation to help with the transition into college.

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The Justin Eves Foundation Scholarship offers Canadian students with learning disorders a $3,000 scholarship.

General Learning Disabilities

The Anne Ford Scholarship is supported by the National Center for Learning Disabilities. The $10,000 scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors with a documented learning disability. Students must be enrolled full time in a bachelor degree program at an accredited college or university. The scholarship is disbursed in four annual installments of $2500.

The Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship is also supported by the National Center for Learning Disabilities. This one time award of $2500 is open to students with learning disabilities who are enrolled in a 2 year community college, vocational school or technical training program.
Incight has provided over 850 awards since 2004.

Learning Ally offers two awards for students with print and learning disabilities.

Lime Connect offers a number of aid programs for students in the United States and Canada.

The Microsoft Disability Scholarship provides students with a $5,000 award.

P. Buckley Moss Foundation Scholarship

The Rise Scholarship Foundation offers a number of scholarships for people with learning disorders.

Through the Looking Glass provides $1,000 awards to students who have parents with disabilities & may also have a disability themselves.

Scholarships for the Learning Disabled and Workers

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