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What does a guidance counselor do?

Guidance counseling is a school-based counseling career in which workers undertake a wide variety of duties. Guidance counseling most often entails meeting with individual students to discuss academic topics, such as grades, class schedules, testing, and scholarship opportunities. Counselors in this field also assist college-bound students in acquiring information about their colleges of interest and help students that wish to enter the workforce obtain information about potential careers as well.

Some guidance counselors work exclusively with students to help them register for classes, schedule ACT or SAT testing, and work with administrators to develop the course schedule for each academic year. Career guidance is also often a primary duty of guidance counselors, as is working with students to determine post-secondary educational options, to include applying to colleges, procuring financial aid applications, and sending transcripts and other documentation to colleges on the student’s behalf.

What Does do?

Our organization intends to offer the services of a professional guidance counselor to those seeking educational assistance and advice. Quite often many students and ex-students have related that they haven't received the help they needed in furthering their education or in getting career advice from their schools counselors. We feel that the support a professional guidance counselor can give to anyone is second to none. Where a student feels the assistance and support they need isn't available is there to offer any help that we can without a charge.

NOTE: in no way suggests that we can replace competent professional guidance counselors. There are many that do incredible work. In fact, we seek their advice continuously.

Why Don't We Charge For Our Services?

Virtually all of those other sites charge fees either at the onset or once you go further into the site. They typically will ask for your personal information for which you will then get bombarded with emails for further fee services.

We don't charge fees because we just want to be free. When we don't get enough donations we pay out of pocket. Our vision of providing educational guidance counseling free of charge will not be compromised due to a lack of donations. If you are inclined to assist us in keeping this site alive, you can do so by clicking on the Donate Apple that's at the top of every page.

We don't charge because a site of this size with the information we provide is nearly impossible, with our budget, to maintain perfectly. Consequently, some information will be outdated or inaccurate. We cannot, in good conscience, provide a pay service without the ability to be 100% accurate.

Many scholarship and/or educational sites that are "free" require a registration of some type. We don't.

There are thousands of educational advice websites of all types.

What makes EGC different and possibly better than others?

1. The Use of the Thousands of Other Sites. - Our site is able to provide an extremely large amount of information because we draw from thousands of sites spread across the world wide web, consolidating everything into one source. We're not competing against other sites or organizations. Many are well established and very helpful. Many aren't. We just do the leg work for you.

2. Tutorial Videos. - Many seekers of information just want a quick visual overview of a topic. In various parts of our EGuidanceCounseling.Org you will be introduced to various videos imported from YouTube produced either by us at EGC or another respected organization. Such as the one right here.

3. Exhausted Amounts of Information. - Nothing complicated here. Part of our mission and objective is simply to provide you with the largest database of educational information. Specifically for millions of scholarships and tens of thousands of points of financing and general advice. 

4. User Friendly - We sacrificed a little on the design element to allow for more simplicity in navigating around our site. You can either look up specific information by using our directories  and browse the categories in the Virtual Guidance Counselor or Scholarships sections.

5. For Users of All Genres - Quite often these educational sites focus on the person transitioning from high school to their freshmen year in college. While we do represent that demographic, the world is so much more complex than that. On EGuidanceCounseling.Org there are many sections for those returning to college, the elderly, K-12 students, doctorate candidates, individuals challenged mentally, emotional and physically.

6. Volunteers of Professional Education Backgrounds - As you might have guessed a project of this magnitude cannot be supported by one individual. EGuidanceCounseing.Org is fortunate enough to have the professional assistance of educators of all levels (Superintendents, Principals, Teachers, Professors, Deans, Counselors, Technical Consultants, Computer Programmers among just a few that volunteer to make this service successful.

7. No Registering - Many of the scholarships sites out there require the users to register with personal information. In some cases it's to bombard them with other for pay services. We don't. You can remain completely anonymous and just use our services. No catches or loopholes.

8. No Advertisements - Many scholarship and educational websites have advertisements on all of their pages. This clutters, complicates and confuses the use of their sites. In addition, many of the links that claim to have information are nothing more than advertisements to another site. We consider that somewhat deceptive.

What are the services's offer?

In short, we offer many, however, the two primary benefits of this site is, the listing of Scholarships and of general college Questions and Answers.

​1. Two Million Scholarships: That's not a typo.

​2. Over Ten Thousand Questions and Answersrelating to financing college and education in general.

Go to ourSERVICES  section for more detailed information on what we specifically provide at no cost to you.

What are some of EGuidanceCounseling.Org's future plans?

You're right not to assume that what we've begun with this site is the finished product.

1. EGC has plans to conduct workships and seminars across the country assisting and instructing all levels of people regarding their education needs.

2. What would a site that helps connect people to scholarships be without providing our own scholarships? Don't answer, EGC will be sponsoring our own scholarships.

3. One of the uniqueness about is the videos to help simplify some of the information available. We are currently in the process of producing our own videos and releasing them on various outlets, specifically a YouTube channel.

4. Our site is huge in scope and often there will be need for improvements and updates. We will be constantly looking to improve. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Is This Site Just For High Schoolers Going to College?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Much of the educational sites do tend to focus on that demographic. That really is not reflective of the real world. The real world is made up of various of types of individuals needing educational guidance. Such as the groups below.

1. Those that want to return to go to college for the first time in their advanced adult years.

2. Parents of K-12 students that are having learning challenges.

3. For the individual that does not want to go to college or feels that college is not for them. College is not everything or for everyone. Did I say that?!

4. For those transferring. Changing majors. Temporarily Withdrawing.

How Is the Information, Such as Scholarships and Advice Acquired?

It's laborious, but totally worth the effort.

1. We contact the many private organizations, associations and corporations that provide scholarships.

2. We purchase books and periodicals that routinely list general and specialized scholarships of all types as well as diverse information for all the needs of obtaining higher education such as finances, admissions and exams.

3. We monitor over one thousand education sites of all types and utilize as much public information as possible.

4. Many times we just simply utilize the expertise of one of the professionals on our volunteer staff to provide content.

5. YOU! Often we are contacted scholarship providers and normal citizens that make us aware of scholarships that we haven't listed.

6. We manually enter in the scholarships. Despite the claims of some sites, there are no systemic algorithms that can pick out scholarships from various of types of sites from across the world wide web.

How Can I Be Sure My Donation Is Used In the Right Way?

We've all heard stories on the news or maybe even something personal or closer to home of individuals taking donations for organizations and using the funds for their own pleasures. We can most definitely understand the publics skepticism.

1. Unlike most charities, we don't just ask you to take our word that your donations are being used to support the primary mission of our nonprofit, you can actually see it working. The information and operation of this charity are at your fingertips and not hidden behind some invisible structure. The funds we receive from our loyal supporters are visibly used to purchase goods and services to keep this endeavor operational.

2. To ensure our supporters and donors that EGuidanceCounseling.Org operate with the highest ethics and honesty we submit to several charity watchdog groups such as Charity Navigator, Better Business Bureau orBBB Wise Giving Alliance and CharityWatch.

3. Ultimately we can never be completely sure about any of our donations. There are many worthwhile charities out there that care for those with disease, homelessness and family situations, yet we're not able to state with 100% surety that our donations are used with integrity at all times. However, when you or another guest comes to our site and it functions and provides the requested information that's the donation dollars at work.

Why Is a directory listing used for the Scholarships and General Advice

section as opposed to a search engine?

Each one of us are different from another and we therefore search for things in different ways. Often times when any of us search for things on the internet we are unsuccessful in locating information that we specifically need until we search in the correct manner. We're attempting to eliminate those kinds of oversights. In addition, each scholarship category has a "Related Categories" list. This will enable you, the searcher, to look at other items that come close to your request.

Do you really have over two million scholarships listed? Is that the largest of any web site?

We have hundreds of categories of scholarships and general advice sections. Within each category there may be from ten to a hundred providers of scholarships. Each one of them has varied amounts of listings. We have counted over two million in scholarships and over ten thousand general questions and answers. We can't be positive about our information being the largest, but we think we are.

How accurate is your information?

Allow me to lead off with how often we update the eGuidanceCounseling.Org, which is every day. With upwards of over two million scholarships spread in hundreds of categories and thousands of advice and Q&A, the information is being updated daily. This is mandatory due to various government, scholarship providers, rule changes and new information coming forth. In short, we will always be in full effort to be as accurate as possible. we will NEVER be 100% accurate. If you discover anything that should be corrected, please contact us here and we will handle your catch ASAP.

Is Every Type of Scholarship Listed in EGC's Directory?

No. Many are so small (under $500) or too specific (for a student from French Village, ID that wants to go to Oak Tree Community College and study Astrophysics). We would really go past three million then. These types of scholarships also become defunct very quickly and are simply offered to the narrowest population.