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Accelerated Degree Programs usually include condensed classes that may be completed more quickly than standard courses. They provide working professionals with the opportunity to earn a college degree quickly. Some allow students to earn only a bachelor's degree, while others are designed for students wanting to earn both an undergraduate and advanced degree in the same subject. Accelerated Degree Programs differ from traditional programs in a couple of respects. First, Accelerated Degree Programs often present classes that take only a month to complete, instead of a full semester. Second, many Accelerated Programs have flexible scheduling that allows students to choose classes at times convenient to them.

Most Accelerated Degree Programs cover subjects like psychology, healthcare administration, business administration and human resource management. The courses are usually presented in an expedited format and some can be completed in as only a month. Sometimes, each individual class period lasts several hours so that the syllabus is covered more quickly than if the course periods were a standard duration. Since most Accelerated Degree Programs emphasize collaboration and teamwork, classes are usually offered on campus as opposed to over the Internet.

Most Accelerated Degree Programs are specifically tailored for working professionals and offer flexible course scheduling. Programs commonly admit students year-round and conduct classes throughout the entire year. Many programs offer classes during evening and weekend hours, allowing students to keep their full-time jobs while they work towards their degrees. Accelerated Degree Programs often authorize students to count previously completed coursework towards their degree and sometimes let students place out of core classes.            



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