A recent report by the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California—Los Angeles found more than 28 percent of fall 2015 freshmen submitted seven or more applications – more than double the percentage from a decade ago.

The Common App makes submitting multiple applications easier since the form is accepted at nearly 700 colleges and universities.

California's Stanford University and the University of Central Oklahoma charged $90 per application, more than any other university among the 1,028 ranked colleges that reported application fee data to U.S. News in spring 2016.

Among the schools that submitted data to U.S. News, the average application fee was around $42. The most common fee charged was $50.

Of the 46 schools that charged $75 or more for an application, the majority – 39 in total – are National Universities; these institutions offer a full range of undergraduate majors, plus master's and doctoral programs.

Below is a list of colleges and universities that charged the highest application fees in fall 2015, though all schools listed will waive the fee for students with financial need. Unranked schools, which did not meet certain criteria required by U.S. News to be numerically ranked, were not considered for this report.

School name (state) Application fee U.S. News rank and category
Stanford University (CA)                  $90
University of Central Oklahoma     $90
Columbia University (NY)                 $85
Duke University (NC)                        $85
Boston University                             $80
Cornell University (NY)                    $80 
Dartmouth College (NH)                 $80 
North Carolina State University—Raleigh   $80
University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill $80
University of Southern California    $80
Villanova University (PA)                   $80
Yale University (CT)                            $80
Boston College                                   $75
Brandeis University (MA)                  $75
Brown University (RI)                         $75
California Institute of Technology   $75
Carnegie Mellon University (PA)      $75
College of New Jersey                        $75
Cooper Union (NY)                             $75
Emory University (GA)                       $75
George Washington University (DC) $75
Georgetown University (DC)              $75
Georgia Institute of Technology        $75
Harvard University (MA)                     $75
Kean University (NJ)                            $75
Massachusetts Institute of Technology     $75
New Jersey Institute of Technology $75
Northeastern University (MA)           $75
Northwestern University (IL)             $75
Rice University (TX)                             $75
Syracuse University (NY)                    $75
Texas A&M University—College Station     $75
Texas State University                       $75
Texas Tech University                        $75
University of Chicago                         $75
University of Delaware                      $75
University of Massachusetts—Amherst      $75
University of Michigan—Ann Arbor  $75
University of North Carolina—Asheville      $75
University of North Carolina—Wilmington $75
University of North Texas                  $75
University of Notre Dame (IN)           $75
University of Pennsylvania                 $75
University of Texas—Austin               $75
Washington University in St. Louis    $75
Woodbury University (CA)                  $75



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